Sr. No. Examination Name and Standard

Date for Submission of entries by Schools

Date and time of Examination Nature of question paper Syllabus Fees Result Declaration Medium
1. Maths Concept       ( Std 5 th and 8 th) (Through school only) 27 th June to 29th June 2013

27th july 2013

3PM to 5PM

100 marks

2 hrs

50 Multiple choice questions

Std 5 th – Maths Syllabus of Std 1 th to 4 th

Std 8 thMaths Syllabus for Std 5 th to 7 th

Rs. 50 16 th & 17 th  September 2013 Result will be available at Mandal’s office






2. NEMC Level 1 - Ganit Prabhutva Pariksha (Entry individual or through school )

For schools 16th to 21 th september 2012

for indivisuals only 7th to 12th october 2013

8 th December 2013

12Pm To 3Pm

100 marks

3 hrs

(Need to solve examples with necessary steps)

Std 5 thMaths Syllabus Std 1 th to 4 th amd 5 th Std upto first semester, Ganit Prabhutva Std V

Std 8 thMaths Std V Syllabus for Std 5 th to 7 th amd Std 8 th upto first semester Ganit Prabhutva Std VIII

Rs.50  1st January 2014( on  our Website)





3. NEMC Level 2 (Ganit Prabhutva spardha ) Only for selected Students, selected at Level 1


First week of January Registration for guidance lectures

9 th February  2014

12Pm To 2Pm

100 marks

2 hrs

(Need to solve examples with necessary steps and examination)

No particular text book. But Based on Syllabus and refer to the book list. ------

     Will be Declared later




Exam dates can be changed. The change will be intimated to schools/parents and displayed on our Website.