Sr. No. Examination Name and Standard

Date for Submission of entries by Schools

Date and time of Examination Nature of question paper Syllabus Fees Result Declaration Medium
1. Maths Concept       ( Std 5 th and 8 th) (Through school only) 24 th June to 30th June 2014

26th july 2014


3PM to 5PM

100 marks

2 hrs

50 Multiple choice questions

Std 5 thMaths Syllabus of Std 1 th to 4 th

Std 8 thMaths Syllabus for Std 5 th to 7 th

Rs. 50

16 th   September 2014 Result will be displayed on our Website

The printed result will be sent to the respective school between 17th Sept to 20th Sept 2014.






2. Ganit Prabhutva Pariksha( Level 1)Entry individual or through school

For schools 11th to 16 th August 2014.

for individuals only 19th Aug to 23rd Aug.2014.

14 th December 2014

12Pm To 3Pm

100 marks

3 hrs

(Need to solve examples with necessary steps)

Std 5 th –Syllabus from Std 1 st to 4 th and 5 th Std syllabus upto first semester. And Book for Ganit Prabhutva Std V

Std 8 th –Syllabus from Std 5 th to 7 th and syllabus of Std 8 th upto first semester.And book for Ganit Prabhutva Std. VIII

Rs.100  7th January 2015( on our Website)






Ganit Prabhutva spardha (Level 2)

 Only for the students selected at

Ganit Prabhutva Pariksha (Level 1 )


Registration for guidance lectures Second week of January

15 th February  2015

12Pm To 2Pm

100 marks

2 hrs

(Need to solve examples with necessary steps and examination)

No particular text book. But Based on Syllabus of Ganit Prabhutva Level 1. ------

     Will be Declared later




Exam dates can be changed. The change will be intimated to schools/parents and displayed on our Website.