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          Change is the only constant thing in life. Due to technological developments there are many changes in social , economical  as well as educational   field.  Curriculum of Maths and science has also under gone so many changes from time to time. Maharashtra state Board of secondary and higher secondary education has upgraded the syllabus of mathematics for Std V to X. Students studying at secondary level are required  to develop the skill of analytical thinking and logical sequencing. From year 2011 – 12 there will higher order thinking questions, in Maths paper for S.S.C. Examination. So students must be trained to solve such challenging questions to keeping this in view , we have decided to bring a change in our Examination pattern . Instead of Ganit Pravinya and Pradnya Examination Organised  by Maharashtra  Ganit  Adhyapak  Mandal. We are introducing new examination  from 2011-12 Mumbai  Ganit Adhyapak  Mandal and  Pune Ganit  Adhyapak  Mandal  together have decided to conduct “Nurture the Excellence in Mathematics contest (NEMC)”. This will be in two parts Level  1, Level  2. This Examination will be for 5 th and 8 th students.

Mathematics Contest, Level 1 & Level 2.

           Fees        Rs.50/- per student

NEMC Level I:-(Ganit Prabhutv Exam.)
          Day & Date          :  Sunday 16th December 2012

          Time                     : 3 hours

          Marks                   : 100 Marks

         Type of Questions : Subjective (for both levels)



For 5th std :-

1st to 4th std. and upto 1st semester of std. 5th


For 8th std :-

5th to 7th std. and upto 1st semester of std. 8th

   Ref. Books :-


Text Books + Ganit Prabhutva (5th)
Text Books +
Ganit Prabhutva (8th)

     Date of Result :-


10rd January 2013on our website

         The students, Who Will get 75 or more than 75 marks will be eligible for level II.

NEMC Level II :-(Ganit Prabhutv Spardha.)


     Day & Date


Sunday 24th  February 2013 (date may change)



2 hours



100 Marks

Ref Books : List given on our web site
Questions will be sked through the syllabus but difficulty level will be higher.


- Narture The Excellence Contest in Mathematics (NECM)

- Ganit Prabhutva Exam (Level I)

- Ganit Prabhutva Spardha (Level II)